Sunday, 8 July 2007

First Tuition Video!

Here's my first tuition video- some very basic tatting. It was fun for me to make, and I do hope that it makes some kind of sense, and that maybe it will help/inspire someone to have a go at doing some tatting for the first time themselves. Let me know what you think, and how you get on! I'll be making some more as time goes on.

So, turn your speakers on, and off we go!


jeanius said...

that was a great video ellie! thanks for making it. i had no idea tatting was that simple ( i am sure though, that it takes good practice to acctualy make anithing other than a ring ) :D

patupaiarehe said...

thanks for that. now we shall all go and practise!

Megynn said...

Thanks ellie! I've been wanting to try tatting. My grandmother left me lots and lots of handkerchiefs with tatting on them, and I've always wondered how it was done. Thanks again for the great video!