Wednesday, 4 July 2007


A brief update on the capelet. Almost half a dozen times I've gotten so far with it, and have had to frog it and start again! Okay so it's my first go at knitting a lace stitch, but I was sure I was doing it right, and sure enough, some online investigation turned up some corrections for the pattern as printed in the book, so I got on my way again, and for a while, it was so far, so good.

But then when I was 'finished', it seemed I had an awful lot less knitted up than I thought I would- turns out, I was using the wrong kind of yarn, too! Oh well, back to the drawing board...

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jeanius said...

sorry to hear about the problems! i can't wait to see the FO, and love the wash cloth for your dh. mine loves airplanes too (he has a big collection of 1:500 scale models) i think i might mke him one of those too :)